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World Day of Prayer Zoom Circle Groups



Virtual 'World Day of Prayer' Circle Groups

As we lead up to our Sept. 9 Unity World Day of Prayer celebration, we are hosting a CIRCLE GROUP session in August and September through which  congregants  connect with one another through the Zoom video conferencing app.

The groups are using the new Unity book, “Nurture Your Divine Spirit: Spiritual Tools and Practices,” as the focal point of discussions. This wonderful book provides simple, down-to-earth steps to focus your spiritual development, and Unity ministers guide you toward routines and habits that can rejuvenate you and help you find your center—the inner place of peace and stability from which you can weather life’s storms.

To download a free copy of the book, go to: https://www.unity.org/publications/booklets/nurture-your-divine-spirit

The Zoom CIRCLE GROUPS are gathering online once a week for three weeks, beginning the week of August 16. 

 Our CIRCLE GROUPS provide a feeling of connection and inspiration during this difficult time of isolation. Circle groups remain one of the most popular programs we offer congregants to gather together, build community and explore ways to deepen their spirituality. Many Circle members stay in touch and provide love and support to one another well past the designated Circle timeframe.

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