Hello, Unity Community!

On behalf of your Board of Trustees, I am happy to share “What’s Up?” and in the works from behind the scenes!

I would first like to reinforce that we have a talented and spirited group of Trustees who are excited about the present and future of our Unity of Phoenix Community! Every two years, the Board of Trustees reviews and commits to the strategic plan and direction for our Ministry. We kicked off the year focusing conversations on three key areas:
  • Serving the ever-evolving spiritual needs of our membership;
  • Growing the size of our congregation; and
  • Taking the necessary steps to ensure a continued strong financial foundation for our future.
The Board of Trustees also wants to hear your input on these areas, so we are working on a congregant survey for the Fall to gather your thoughts and ideas. In the meantime, please consider these initial plans we support and are currently working towards to benefit our community as we move into the next decade.
1) Serving the spiritual needs of our evolving community and growing our membership.

We currently enjoy a wonderful culture that is welcoming, celebrates diversity and truly honors all paths to God. We feel gratitude for our dedicated spiritual leaders, staff and loving congregant volunteers who give so much to our community. All are necessary ingredients to support our future growth and ability to achieve the important mission of transforming spiritual lives. We are excited about Rev Maraj’s recent announcement of the Spiritual Education “Path to Awakening,” a checklist of classes and activities that will increase congregant engagement and involvement, and help deepen spiritual connection for newcomers and long-time members, alike.

The ministry is also further focusing on the needs of specific groups with offerings such as our upcoming Men’s and Women’s Retreats, and workshops on topics such as aging and divorce. We also have many activities planned for families and a couples retreat coming in the new year, as well! We are excited about the many opportunities coming your way as we explore ways to increase support of our members and attract new congregants to our ministry.
2) Practicing the fundamentals of prosperity consciousness and building a strong financial foundation.

Each year we faithfully approach the increasing operating costs of supporting our large spiritual community. Fiscal 2019/2020 is no exception, we approved a larger operating budget and community tithe with enthusiasm for another year of amazing, Spirit-filled service. We appreciate the generous level of giving from our congregants that was demonstrated by your overwhelming response this past year to our requests for increased giving to help us meet our expenses. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

Following are a few focus areas going into the new Fiscal 2019/2020:
  • Meet our monthly income budget of $137,500, which includes joyfully tithing to Unity Worldwide Ministries and charitable organizations as recommended by the Tithing Committee.
  • Educate and encourage our congregants to enroll in our auto-giving program to facilitate consistent giving.
  • Identify complimentary community business partner(s) to purchase undeveloped 3- to 5-acre parcel of land.
  • Accelerate the elimination of our $1.7 million debt.
  • Prioritize, communicate and implement deferred maintenance projects for our existing campus facilities.
  • Educate and assist our community with legacy/endowment giving strategies.
3) Vision 2020 Projects and Completion of Capital Campaign in June.
The end of June 2019 marked the completion of our Phase 2 Capital Campaign for Vision 2020 construction projects. Although our community did not reach the $2.4 million goal as desired, we are blessed to have collected nearly $1.2 million towards our remaining Vision 2020 projects. Over the last few years, we have successfully invested some of these resources into projects that enhanced our Sanctuary, improved our facilities and completed the installation of our electronic signs. We remain steadfast and patiently committed to taking the next significant step in our campus vision to construct a Chapel/Fellowship building, and will hold these funds in a separate account with this intention. We are also exploring the promotion and sale of Columbarium Memorial Garden vestibules. However, our current plan is to postpone additional fundraising as we focus on stabilizing our monthly operating contributions.

We look forward to another year of joyful service on your behalf! As always, if you have any questions, comments or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Board of Trustees by emailing our Board or visiting with a Board member after Sunday services in the Courtyard.
Many blessings to you!
Monica Lawfield
President, Board of Trustees
Unity of Phoenix Spiritual Center

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