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View Our Financials (as of March 31, 2018)

View Our Financials (as of March 31, 2018)

In keeping with our promise to share our financials on a more regular basis, please find below several financial reports for Vision 2020 and our general operating budget. Just click on each link to view the individual reports.

Our Board of Trustees, staff and congregation have all worked together to create a financially healthy ministry. I'm happy to report that currently we are in the black for the year and, overall, have more than $274,513 in cash reserves (the equivalent of two months of expenses). Many churches now don't have any financial cushion, so we are very blessed. We also have over a million dollars in Vision 2020 capital campaign funds as we continue to move toward the completion of our Vision 2020 plan.

Thank for you for your generous giving and your loving support of Unity of Phoenix Spiritual Center! You are the reason we are an amazing spiritual community and why we keep getting better and better and better!

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Unity of Phoenix Spiritual Center

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