Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer’s Report

Hello, Unity Community!

What a wonderful community we have at Unity of Phoenix! My first few months as Treasurer for the Board of Trustees has blessed and enriched my life in ways I couldn’t have imagined. It’s my duty to review processes and procedures to ensure church assets are protected, and that our financial position is fairly stated. I’m grateful to share a few highlights of what I’ll discuss at the October 6 Town Hall meeting:

We completed the V2020 campaign with significant improvements in signage and facilities. A large amount of cash and investments remain from this campaign.

Our church management team continues to manage receipts and expenses to ensure that we meet our budget and Board goals. A great big THANK YOU to this great team!

We are developing a deferred maintenance project list and are committed to creating and communicating a 5-year plan. (We already know the parking lot and HVAC systems need maintenance.)

Each year, Unity of Phoenix tithes to organizations that spiritually feed our ministry and congregants. In Fiscal Year 2019, we tithed $113,584 to the organizations that follow. Remember, if there’s an organization that has spiritually fed you, click here to access a tithing request; fill it out and give it to John Marzolph, our Unity of Phoenix Tithing Committee Chair, for consideration of future tithes.

As Board President Monica Lawfield stated in her recent email communication, the Board is working on several strategic initiatives. I urge everyone to attend the upcoming Town Hall and Annual Meeting, where I’ll present and discuss our fiscal year end 06/30/19 financial statements, upcoming opportunities and challenges.

Thank you for your continued support of Unity of Phoenix. I’m blessed to be part of such a giving ministry!

Brian Douglas
Treasurer, Board of Trustees
Unity of Phoenix Spiritual Center

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