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To Heal is to Touch with Love

To Heal is to Touch with Love

One of my favorite quotes is by Sheldon Kopps: “To heal is to touch with love that which we once touched with fear.”

What is it that needs to be healed in your life? What is it that you fear?

It has been said that FEAR is an acronym for False Evidence Appearing Real. When I’ve shared this with students in recent classes and workshops that I’ve facilitated, many people have asked how fear can be called “false” when so many things are happening in our lives and the world that are very real and difficult to deal with. The challenging situ­ations that we face in the realm of this human existence can cause us to feel stress, pain, anger and, yes, even torment. They are real life experiences. We can’t possibly deny that they exist in our world. All we need to do is look around to see the challenges that we face in this day and age!

So how can these challenges and life experiences be false when, in the reality of our human experience, they are very real and tangible?

False Evidence doesn’t mean that things or situations don’t actually occur or have existence. Nor does it mean that we should live in a state of denial. Simply put, this concept is all about energy: the energy that is projected onto a circum­stance is based on our own perceptions of the “final” result that will occur.

Fear is attached to the belief that the outcome of an event will be certain failure, tragedy or negative in some way ... in short, an outcome that we don’t want to experience. Fear is also attached to the outcome being permanent.

One thing is certain in life: it is always changing. False Evidence Appearing Real doesn’t mean something won’t be uncomfortable, painful or in need of adjustment spiritually, mentally or physically. However, the end result of any situ­ation is always based upon our willingness to trust and have faith in a greater Good at work in our live ... even when we can’t always see or comprehend that Good at the time. Yes, it may be painful and, yes, it may be hard, even tragic … but miracles happen when we turn to that higher power within us: to God, the Christ within, to Spirit, to the Power of Love that resides within us.

When we respond by sending loving energy into the situ­ation, relationships can be restored and harmonized, past hurts and wounds can be healed, tragedies can be turned in to victories! The unforgiveable can be forgiven, and the unthinkable can be held in prayerful, loving energy! The list can go on and on if we are willing to seek a higher good and evolve our consciousness to a higher level of awareness than we once thought possible.

One thing that I’ve held onto since being a very young child is a basic principle of Truth that my Pentecostal grandmoth­er taught and instilled within me: that, with God, all things are possible.

So my dear beloved Unity family, I ask you: to determine the outcome of something, do we attach our belief to the event itself or to the principle of Truth that we know is within us? Another way to look at this is through a formula that came to me one day through a difficult situation that was causing me a great deal of discomfort and fear. That formula is quite simply E + R = O. Some of you willrecognize this from classes that I have taught. The Event (the thing that has happened) + Our Response or Reaction (the actions that we do or do not take) = the “final”Outcome of any given situation.

If we react in fear, we perpetuate the situation and create more energy that is based in the very thing that we are afraid of ... which causes more reason TO believe in the evidence that appears real at the time! Haven’t we all been there at some point? It’s a painful place to be!

So how do we dissolve the fear and remove the energy from that which is causing the pain? For me, acknowledging the fear within me is the first step.

If we aren’t aware or “conscious” of what is going on within us, we can’t really address the situation. Sometimes the sim­ple acknowledgment and realization that I am experiencing fear is all I need to shift. In those more difficult times I turn to prayer and meditation, and ask for guidance from the Holy Spirit. Unity co-founder Charles Fillmore says this in his book, The Revealing Word: “Whoever calls on God as Holy Spirit for healing is calling on Divine Love.”

Doing this not only shifts the energy within my body, but spiritually and emotionally as well.

Counseling is a good solution to process and talk things through and a good way to shift the energy for those who need to talk things through. Sometimes just putting your thoughts and feelings into words allows the energy to shift. Those who have attended my classes know the power of this experience. I always give myself permission to feel my feelings and process the emotion so I can diffuse the energy with which those emotions are charged. God gave us feelings and emotions for a reason. They are not inher­ently bad or wrong. Authenticity is our most natural state of being in this human form ... why would we ever suppress ourselves?

When we have emotions and feelings that are attached to fear, it’s a sign that something is not quite right AND perhaps even way out of order. This can be internally, externally or both. It’s a clear signal that some healing work should be done. As we are being called to a higher consciousness of Truth and the things of Spirit, all that is in need of healing will be brought into the Light.

The Christ of our being is always calling us to remember our wholeness and the Truth of who we are. Because we have free will, we get to choose to do healing work or not. Once again, it may not be easy work to do, but it is as simple as touching with Love that which we once feared. Simple is not always easy, but we must start somewhere.

And over time it does get easier.

You might ask, “What do I do when another has caused me harm? I can’t change the other person and if they aren’t willing to consciously make the change and correct thesituation, then what can I do? And what about the person who consciously chooses to continue the bad behavior?”

My response is this: whatever your initial reaction or response may be — and regardless of how bad or hurtful it is — turn to Love. Even in the midst of your pain, emotion, feeling, chaos and disorder, call on the power of Love. Face the appearances and realize (make real) that we are allconnected through Spirit and affirm that all things are working together for good. We, the individual, are not the only ones manifesting the experience. Sometimes we are brought into another’s experience to help them do their own healing work.

Remember to process what you need to process. Go for it, but do not harm another in the process lest you have more work to do. Clear the energy. Then find that place of Love within yourself, and visualize it connecting with the one who has caused you harm. Send it straight to their heart center, then see it expanding. Consciously connect with the Spirit of Truth within that individual (in some cases, multiple individuals) and then affirm healing.

It may take doing this multiple times but don’t give up! Do it until you fully feel the love! Then keep doing it until the situation is neutralized and dissolved. Those who are meant to be in your life will shift their energy, consciously or not. Those who are no longer meant to be there will be removed willingly or unwillingly.

In The Revealing Word, Charles Fillmore says; “Love is impersonal; it loves for the sake of loving.” He also says that Love is in an inner quality that sees good everywhere and in everybody. It insists that all is good, and by refusingto see anything but good, it causes that quality finally toappear uppermost in itself, and in all things. Divine love will bring your own to you, adjust all misunderstandings and make your life and affairs healthy, happy, harmoniousand free, “Love therefore is the fulfilment of the law”(Romans 13:10).

I truly believe that the most important thing we can do in life is to be a presence of Love. That doesn’t mean that we are always perfect and do everything just right. And letme also say that doesn’t mean we allow others tomistreat, use or abuse us. Quite the contrary, Love is the power that calls forth healing for all, and this is inclusive of ourselves. So be good to yourself ... very good!

In closing, I invite you to go through this letter again and replace every instance of the word “Love” with God, for Love is but another name for God. If you are more com­fortable with Spirit, Universe, I Am that I Am, then do that. Know that you have everything that you need within you to face your fear and reach out and touch it with Love, nomatter what that fear may be. Should you need support with this, call me. I am just a phone call away and blessed to support your spiritual journey!

Remember, Love is the power that binds all things to­gether in perfect harmony. For this I am truly grateful. I am grateful for the healing that has manifested in my life through this practice.

It was not so easy in the beginning but, through willingness and doing the work, it has become an everyday practiceand way of life for me. There is no greater power in the Universe than Love. I invite you to stand in that presence with me, send forth that presence from spiritual depths of your Being and let us change the world. Start with sending Loving energy to yourself, family, friends and loved ones, and then expand from there.

Namaste! From my heart to yours I send you my Love,

Rev. Tina

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