Racial Equality

Statement in Support of
Racial Equality and Justice for All

In light of events over the past several months which have brought to the forefront the intense pain of racial inequality and injustice in this country, we want to re-affirm Unity of Phoenix Spiritual Center’s position of full support for racial equality and justice for all.

We invite you to view the video statement from Unity Worldwide Ministries that outlines Unity’s position. Among the statements contained in the video are….

“Where there is oppression and hatred, Unity stands for justice and understanding, and for extending compassion, kindness and forgiveness to restore balance. And where there is discrimination, Unity stands for inclusivity and equality. We pledge to be an advocate for the well-being, the respect, the civil freedom of every human being. EVERY human being … Unity stands with black and brown individuals and communities; you are entitled to a life of dignity, respect, safety and freedom. Who you are matters, and change needs to happen. Systemic racism cannot continue in our institutions and in our systems … We stand together with you; we walk together with you toward a more just and equitable future that celebrates the divine nature and sacred worth of every human being.”

We are all God’s children. We are all one. And we all have a responsibility to work for justice, equality, happiness and joy for all people. Jesus taught us to love one another. He counseled us to serve others, to be generous and kind and inclusive of all people. We are the hearts and hands of God’s love in expression. We can’t let go of that spiritual responsibility, even if we don’t personally experience the sting of injustice in our own lives. We must all support the principles that Jesus espoused, and do the sustained work over time that will build a bridge to create something greater and bring about lasting change.

Racism hurts us all in ways in which we aren’t always aware. Overcoming it will take a lot of work, willingness, cooperation, collaboration, prayer, and a desire for change at all levels of our society and leadership.

We feel that our ministry, itself, has a responsibility to be proactive and participate in helping our great country heal, unite, and become stronger and closer as ONE nation — and ONE people — under God. 

As such, we will be offering classes and workshops to open up dialogue about racism and provide healing, education and understanding to help us navigate this difficult, painful and often uncomfortable issue. As part of this effort, we will be drawing on some of the work on dismantling racism that has already been developed and implemented by Unity of San Diego and other Unity churches, as well as new classes and programs developed by our own ministers and congregants. Please look for more information about these classes and forums in future communications.

We hope you will consider supporting, participating in and learning from this vital work to help us open our hearts and minds, come together, heal, and bring about needed change.

Drawing on our Unity principles, we can become an important part of a growing consciousness to rise up and join in the healthy transformation of our world. Achieving that shift in consciousness everywhere will require sustained intention, effort and action. And it will take time. But I have great faith that, together with our brothers and sisters across this great nation, we all absolutely CAN transform racism and create a world of equality and justice that works for all.

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