Becoming a member is as easy as 1-2-3!

1. Complete "Unity Basics" and "Prayer Basics"

To see when these classes are offered, check our bulletin or our classes page.

2. Volunteer within Our Community

For information about the wide variety of volunteer opportunities that are available within our spiritual community, go to our Volunteer Portal or visit our Welcome/Volunteer Table in the courtyard on Sunday mornings.

3. Fill out a Member Application form

Once you have completed Steps 1 and 2, complete and submit a membership application. You can pick up an application in our reception area or fill out an application online.

Note: If you currently belong to another Unity church and wish to transfer your membership to Unity of Phoenix Spiritual Center, all you need do is fill out a New Member Application and attend Membership Orientation.

Membership Orientation

Once you have completed the previous three steps, attend our mandatory Membership Orientation to learn more about our ministry, what it means to be a member, how to make meaningful connections, and how to participate in the ministry on a deeper level.

Why Become a Member?

Member isn't a requirement to attend Unity of Phoenix Spiritual Center. We have many amazing people who attend services regularly and are very active in our church, yet have not joined. If you're one of those folks, why should you consider taking the time and effort to join?

The benefits!

Becoming a Member confirms to you and your spiritual community that you are committed to living a life of love, abundance, and meaning. It affirms a sense of commitment to personal spiritual growth, ownership of your individual beliefs, and a willingness to make a difference.

  • Members can be assigned a Prayer Chaplain, who makes a wellness call to them each month.
  • Members receive discounts on certain services, such as weddings, memorials, christenings, and baptisms.
  • Members have the opportunity to be involved in key church decisions, such as electing members to the Board of Trustees.

Membership Application

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