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After two years of our 30-day challenge, we all know there is no such thing as the lazy days of summer! The dog days of summer mean it’s time to get fit in EVERY aspect of your life!  Back by popular demand, we’re challenging you again this year to get your GAME ON!

Accept our 30-day challenge starting the first week of June to begin living a BETTER LIFE by following a daily checklist to become more physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually fit!

How does it work?

    1. Starting Sunday, June 2, follow the checklist inside your bulletin that includes a daily checklist of items to complete in order to achieve greater physical, mental, emotional and spiritual fitness. You’ll receive a new checklist each week at worship services through the end of June (both Wednesdays and Sundays).
    2. For each week that you complete every item on the checklist, you can turn in your sheet at the Welcome Table in our Courtyard to be entered into a drawing for an opportunity to win one of these fabulous prizes:
      1st Place: $250 Visa Gift Card
      2nd Place: $150 Massage Envy Gift Card
      3rd Place: $100 Trader Joe’s Gift Card

      The more weeks you meet your fitness goals, the more chances to WIN ... and the BETTER your LIFE becomes!  (NOTE: You are allowed one “cheat day” each week on which you don’t meet one or more of the checkmarks for the day.  If you only have one cheat day, you can still earn a drawing ticket for that week.) 
    3. If you've got one, wear your GAME ON! T-shirt each week to show the world that you’re putting in the work to become physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually fit. This year they will reflect our Unity “teal” that we love!
  1. Enjoy the comfort and rewards that come from living a fully fit life.  And be proud of the fact that you’ve got your GAME ON!


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