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The Illusion of Life and Death


June 14
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
$60 for all three classes
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Clare Goldsberry

Note: The $60 registration fee includes a complimentary copy of the course book, "The Illusion of Life and Death."

What is life? What is death? The greatest mysteries for the human race surround those two questions.

This course, based on facilitator Clare Goldsberry’s book, The Illusion of Life and Death, will help anyone move towards freedom from fear of death. Clare will walk you through the mystery of death and dying, as well as the questions of the meaning and purpose of life.

With her insights as a Buddhist practitioner and teacher, student of Hinduism, as well as the journey from the cancer diagnosis of her significant other through his death, she provides a unique view into living and dying as seen through the ages from those who’ve sought answers into this most mysterious of experiences—this thing we call death. 

"Dying is easy," said Goldsberry’s partner as he lay dying. We will trace a path of peace by looking at life and death from viewpoints that include Judeo-Christianity, Eastern philosophy of Buddhism, quantum physics and ageless wisdom traditions.

June 14-Class 1: What Is Death? In this class we will discuss the book's Introduction and Chapters 1-4. Life and death are closely intertwined – two sides of the same coin. Living well requires that we know how to live well. Discussion points will include what death is; why we don't know how to die; why we don't understand living and dying; living with suffering, and how not to suffer; and living consciously.

June 21-Class 2: What is Life? In this class we’ll discuss Chapters 5-9. The topics we'll cover will include exploring the Mind and how we create the life we have; the illusion of what we call “reality”; and how the Mind creates this illusion. Living a good life means living a life without fear – especially the fear of death, and three steps to help us attain that including learning to embrace all that is as the path.

June 28-Class 3: What Happens After Death? In this class, we'll discuss Chapters 10-18. We will explore several topics, including how we die and what happens when we die according to various traditions, including the Judeo-Christian beliefs; the Eastern spiritual traditions including Hinduism and Buddhism’s beliefs in reincarnation and karma; near-death experiences (NDEs); suicide and assisted suicide; and how to have a “good” death.


The Illusion of Life and Death (with Clare Goldsberry, 6/14/2022-6/28/2022

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