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Sacred Relationships: Debunking Soulmate Myths


February 11
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Tickets: $25
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Unity of Phoenix Spiritual Center
1500 E Greenway Pkwy
Phoenix, AZ 85022 United States
(602) 978-3200


Jeanette St. Germain

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Are you tired of unhealthy, co-dependent relationships that leave you feeling drained and unappreciated? Are you ready for a soul-quenching kind of love that honors the ALL that you are, and reciprocates mutual passion, trust, and emotional maturity? Let’s drop the labels, the ideals and the ooey-gooey love glitter and get real about how to ecstatically embrace true love within ourselves, and how to create a sacred space of connection with another that ignites the divine potential within us all.

This class will offer you a real-world understanding of:

  • Relationship dynamics;
  • Conditional vs. unconditional love;
  • How to shift from ego to heart to soul to shared co-creation;
  • How to attract deep soul connections with soul family, soul mates, twin flames and beyond;
  • How to rise above karmic struggles and “soulmate” expectations; and
  • How to utilize the sacred alchemy of relationships for transformation, healing and union on all levels.

BONUS: The class will include a Divine Sophia Channeled Message and Union Experience to help you open your heart, attract your perfect match, and energetically embrace true love! (Sophia is Divine Feminine Creation Light, a powerful Source energy that emanates unconditional love, timeless wisdom, and unity consciousness). We’ll also included an added bonus of a “True Love Quiz.” Join us!

Location and Contact Information

Unity of Phoenix Spiritual Center

1500 E Greenway Pkwy
Phoenix, AZ 85022
Phone: (602) 978-3200

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