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Ester Nicholson
Keys to Abundant Living:
Remove Emotional Blocks and Live the Life of Your Dreams


November 24
1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Tickets: $35
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Unity of Phoenix Spiritual Center
1500 E Greenway Pkwy
Phoenix, AZ 85022 United States
(602) 978-3200

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Are you burdened with financial debt, experiencing the vicious loop of financial uncertainty and lack over and over again? Dissatisfied with your daily work/career/purpose or just not thriving, physically, financially, or emotionally? If yes, something is wrong!

What is it? Ester believes lack has its foundation in “forgetting” that we are one with our Higher Power, which creates feelings of unworthiness, not being good enough or deserving of the amazing life we desire.

No matter how hard you work — or how many affirmations you do — you will always default back to your hard-wired beliefs, vows and agreements ... which are the beliefs of your parents, familial, generational, even ancestral belief that, quite frankly, feel almost impossible to break. And, indeed, they are impossible to break until the hard drive of your subconscious mind is re-programmed (“Be transformed by the renewing of your mind”~Romans 12:2).

Nothing can change on a permanent basis, and you will always be in that vicious loop of boom or bust – emotionally, physically, financially or in your life’s purpose, until you are free from your “old mind.”

In this workshop, you will heal your deep-core illusions of unworthiness and feelings of not being good enough for the abundance that is your absolute birthright.

We will be  using the following techniques:

  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT - Tapping)
  • Forgiveness
  • Breaking karmic agreements with any life diminishing illusions and patterns
  • Aligning with your original agreement to wholeness, fulfillment and abundance
  • Creating a new story and stepping into your dreams

Your dreams are God’s highest vision for your life. It’s time to step into it. Let’s Go!

ABOUT ESTER: Ester’s life traces a journey that should inspire all of us. More than 32 years ago, she was a teen-aged mother who suffered from a life threatening addiction. After living the life of an addict and all that implies, she hit bottom and was forced to make a choice: to live, or to die.

Fortunately for us, she chose to live. But in order to do so, she had to create her own unique path to healing. The existing tools were insufficient to address the underlying causes of her addiction.

In the course of this personal journey, Ester discovered a way to bridge the gap between the 12 Steps of Recovery and New Thought/Unity teachings. As it turns out, this unique blend applies to a wide range of human challenges—from the obvious life threatening addictions we hear about every day, into the more subtle life diminishing addictions to unworthiness, feelings of not being good enough or deserving of the magnificent and abundant life we were all created to live.  Ester calls this teaching “Soul Recovery.”

Location and Contact Information

Unity of Phoenix Spiritual Center

1500 E Greenway Pkwy
Phoenix, AZ 85022
Phone: (602) 978-3200

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