FY2021 Quarter 2 Financials

FY2021 Quarter 2 Financials
We recently closed out the financials for our 2nd quarter (which ended Dec. 31, 2020) and are happy to report that our prayers have continued to be answered, and -- despite challenging circumstances -- our ministry is still operating in the black. God is good!
With the pandemic limiting us to online services for most of the past year, the weekly congregant giving on which we rely has drastically decreased. As you are aware, we have reduced our costs to everything but the bare minimum, and have furloughed or cut back hours for many staff members. Yet, even with these significant cutbacks, we are consistently bringing in $10,000-$12,000 less each week than what we need to meet our expenses.
But faith has sustained us, and God saw fit to bless us with a number of unexpected one-time gifts:
  • Covid stimulus monies in the amount of $156,000;
  • A generous $106,000 endowment from the will of a long-time congregant;
  • $32,000 in rental fees from the school to which we sold the property on the west side of our campus (for their use of our building while they finished construction).
These miraculous gifts, combined with strong holiday contributions from our congregation, resulted in a $249,000 surplus for our 2nd quarter. Our cup runneth over!
This extraordinary cushion is a true blessing, and absolutey vital at this time when we are operating at a $30,000-$40,000 loss each month. We thank God for answering our prayers with these precious gifts!
As good stewards, however, we know this reserve will not sustain us forever. We ask that you continue to hold an intention that the weekly congregant giving on which we depend will rebuild to the point where we are no longer operating at a loss. This will be even more imperative when we are able to open our doors for services again, bring back staff, and fully run the ministry at our normal capacity.
Thank you so much for your continued support of Unity of Phoenix Spiritual Center!

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