Post Year Wrap-Up

Wednesday, December 30, 2020
Featuring: Rev. Richard Rogers

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Rev. Richard Rogers:  Hello! I’m Richard Rogers, and this is Unity of Phoenix Spiritual Center. And this is the last Wednesday night of the year! I always love this Wednesday night! I love the first one, but I also love the last one! Because the last one, we’re actually setting up the new year. So that’s what we’re going to do tonight.

I even got a little dressed up for you tonight! Because I wanted you to know how special this night is!

So there’s a couple of announcements I want to call your attention to. The final service of the year is tomorrow night: New Year’s Eve, 7 o’clock, outside, for our Burning Bowl/Letters to God. It’s such a powerful time! So I hope you can be here tomorrow night; get all bundled up. It’s a time of releasing the old — and that’s what we’re going to be talking about tonight. It’s a time of releasing the old and really preparing for all the good that God has for you in the new year.

So let’s move into our time of meditation.


I invite you to open your mind, your heart, your soul, to feel the activity of God that is right here tonight. That tonight is our opportunity to prepare the way for the highest level of good. We’ve just celebrated the birth of Christ in us through the Christmas season, and now we take that into a brand new year. So I want you to take a deep breath, and I want you to prepare for the activity of God in you that wants to express in a brand new way: a higher, greater way than ever before.

So tonight, I want you to take a deep breath, and let go. Let go of all that has been. Let go of all that was great and all that was painful. Let go of the hopes and the dreams of yesterday, and prepare for the good that God has for you in this brand new year. Prepare to be blessed in even greater ways. Prepare to receive the goodness of God. The fullness of God. The power of God. The abundance of God. The life of God. The health of God. The wholeness of God. Prepare for all that God is! That there is an infinite level of God’s good. There is more good than you can even imagine. And our job, as spiritual beings tonight, is to prepare to receive it all: every ounce of it. Every drop of it! We want all the good that God is! We want to be blessed beyond our wildest dreams! So open your mind. Open your heart. That you might receive the fullness of God. That you may be truly prepared to receive God’s highest level of good for you.

We also forgive. We release the past. That if there’s anything about 2020 that you need to forgive, forgive it now. Forgive yourself; forgive others. Forgive the old thoughts, the old fears, the old beliefs. Forgive them all. Release them all. I forgive everyone and everything for this last year. I forgive myself for any way that I was being small or petty or fearful. And I forgive others for all of their choices. I forgive them for any way that they were acting or being or speaking that was less than whole. That was less than loving. I forgive, and I am forgiven. And I open my heart and my soul to all the good that God is. Thank you, God; thank you, God; thank you, God! And so it is. Amen.


Alright. So this is the last Wednesday of the year. I love this Wednesday; it’s such a powerful time! We’ve just celebrated the birth of Christ in us. We’ve just celebrated the full power of God within us. We’ve just celebrated Christmas. And now we take that Christmas spirit into the new year. Right? This night is such a night filled with hope and possibilities and all the goodness that God is. And so I hope you’re excited! I got dressed up for you, because I wanted this to be a special night. I wanted you to feel how special this time is — between Christmas and the new year — where you really get to make some choices that will really carry you into the new year.

So I want to start with the God, Janus. Janus is a Roman god. And Janus was the god — the guardian — of doorways and gateways. It is said that Janus has the key to what is new and also overlooks the past. That Janus — if you’ve seen a picture of Janus — Janus is the two-faced god: that one face is looking forward, and one face is looking back. And I really believe that that’s where we are today. And that Janus… In the Roman theology… The Roman mythology really believed Janus was the key that could unlock your future: that could unlock your potential.

So when you think about your life — and what’s going on in your life today and what are your hopes and dreams for the new year — what do you think would unlock your future? Your best life? What do you think would unlock to really allow you to live your greatest life?

You know, for many of us, this last year has been a difficult year; it’s been a hard year. You know, we’ve had fears and worries. Millions of people have been laid off. Hundreds of thousands of people have died this year. So this has been a difficult year! So when you think about your future — when you think about the year to come – what’s your greatest hope and desire? And what do you think is the thing that would unlock that potential for you?

You know, every year — and tomorrow night we’re going to do it, as well — every year, we have our Burning Bowl/Letters to God. And in our Burning Bowl/Letters to God service, we have the opportunity of releasing all that was old — all that is stale; all that is negative; all that is less than — and to really make room for the highest level of good. And one of the things I would challenge you — an opportunity to have — is to not only let go of all that is painful, but I would invite you this year to also be willing to let go of all that was good. That sometimes good is the greatest obstacle to great. Sometimes we get so used to what’s good or okay or normal or, you know… that we actually stay in that level of mediocrity or “okay-ness” instead of moving up to a level of greatness.

And so this year — as we end this year; as we really open our minds and our hearts to what’s next — I’m going to challenge you to really, truly have a deep and profound letting go, so that we really are ready to move forward in the greatest possible way.

And I would rather have you take some time today — tonight, tomorrow; if you’re going to come to the service tomorrow night — to really prepare how deeply are you willing to let go. Because in Unity, what we teach over and over again, is that the inner experience creates the outer experience. That whatever I hold at the inner level of my being creates my outer experience. So I want you to let go of anything that is not in keeping with the fullness of God.

And the safest bet is simply to let go of everything, right? As you let go of everything that was, it actually makes room for everything [laughs]… As we let go of everything that was, we actually make room for everything that could be. And that way, we just keep moving forward! Like, we drop the bottle; we just let it go. And we just keep moving forward.

Because, really, this is not a dress rehearsal. Right? Your life happens once; you get one day at a time. And as we live in this day, then we get to move forward.

Now, I have a little bit of confession for you this year. I need you to know I had a great year. And there’s a part of me that feels a little bad about saying what a great year I had. I had a fantastic year! And I want to share with you why I think I had such a great year this year, because this night really sets the tone for why I think I had such a great year this year.

One of the things that I did last year moving into this year was: I made a list of all my disappointments. Now, many times in Unity we talk about focusing on the positive. Focusing on all that is working; all that is good. And so, many times, we don’t like to focus on what we consider the negative or the harsh or the bad. We want to just keep moving forward.

Well, I began this year by taking a serious inventory of all the times — all the places in my life — where I felt disappointed. And the reason that I wanted to do that was that I no longer wanted to create more situations in my life where I was disappointed. So I did a really thorough inventory of all the disappointments of my life. And I looked at all the aspects: of my health, in my relationships, in my work, my family, in my finances. I looked at all the places where I have been disappointed and, especially, disappointed with life. And even as far to say: Is there anything where I’ve been disappointed in God, right?

And I was willing to do a really fearless search. And I wrote down every disappointment that came into my awareness. I mean, I went through childhood. I went through my adulthood. I went through all the aspects of my life. And I really just was in the question: Where have I ever been disappointed by life? Because I wanted to get that up and out. I didn’t want to hang on to one level of disappointment as I moved forward.

And so, I was thorough. I did my homework. I spent time in prayer. I spent time thinking about it. I went through all my disappointments. And what I came to see is that there was one area in my life where most of disappointment lives. And I’m not even going to tell you where it is, because I don’t want it to color where you look for your disappointments.

But I want you to see: Is there a place where most of your disappointments live? Is it in your financial life? Maybe it’s in your relationship? Maybe it’s in your work? Maybe it’s in your body? Where do you hold on to most of your disappointments? And what I began this year by doing was doing — not only a search of my disappointments — but a willingness to give all those disappointments back to God. Right? I looked at each disappointment, and I gave it back to God. I actually recreated it. I actually relived that experience, as if every disappointment was fulfilled. That life happened to me in greater and greater ways. And I actually recreated every one of those situations so that every disappointment was satisfied. Because I didn’t want to carry that energy — that heaviness, that sadness — of disappointment.

Because, you know, disappointment is such a heavy feeling! Right? It’s such a heavy experience when you carry disappointments from one situation to the next. And, you know, we feel bad. We feel bad about ourselves. We feel bad about others. It’s such a heavy thing to think you’re disappointed in life. You’re disappointed with yourself. You’re disappointed in others. I wanted to really clearly see where I was holding on to my disappointments, and I wanted to recreate every one of those things.

And what began to happen is: I released the disappointment of the past. I then had to decide what I was going to hold on to. And what I began to hold on to was to be fully fulfilled. That every time I was disappointed, I wanted to transform that into a sense of being fulfilled. In being satisfied. Into really receiving the infinite goodness of God. And I did a lot of inner work! I don’t know if you can tell by what I’m saying now, but I did. I spent a lot of time this year about really releasing any place within my soul where I had held on to the disappointments of the past. And I began to allow myself to feel completely satisfied. To completely fulfilled. To know that every one of those situations could be rectified, could be healed, could be transformed by God, and that I no longer needed to carry the energy of disappointment.

And what I quickly began to experience was that my life got better: better than maybe it had been in years. I set some pretty high goals this year. You know, one of the things I see is that, as we get older, sometimes our goals become safer and safer. You know, sometimes as we get older, we’re willing to take less risks. We’re absolutely willing to just kind of play it by the way that we’ve known it in the past. And this year — as I let go of my disappointment — I began to play at life at a level that I felt like I hadn’t played at in years. Where I set some really big goals!

And this is really what I want you to see today. I want you to really do some inner work this week — as we’re preparing for the near year. As we move into the new year, I want you to really do your inner work, so that you’re ready for the next level of good that God has for you. And when you’re burning all the things that you’re going to let go of — when you’re releasing the past — I want you to be very intentional about what those things are.

Because I believe that your best time — your best year — can be this year ahead. I believe that, truly, the best is yet to be. I believe that you can have your best year ever. That we can take and move beyond the year that we’ve had of 2020. That we can accept all that’s happened. We can allow for all of it. And then we release the pain. We release the disappointment. We release the fears of the past, and we move into this new year ready to receive all the good that God has for you.

So what I want you to do: Here’s the system that I want you to do. I want you to make a list of all of your disappointments. And then what I want you to do is: I want you to recreate each and every one of them so that your needs were fulfilled. So that you’re no longer carrying them. And so, “Richard, that’s not what really happened.” And it’s like: Well, what really happened? We don’t really remember what really happened. We remember just the way we remember it. If you talk to your family members — whoever you celebrated Christmas last year with — everybody’s going to remember that experience differently. Because everybody holds on to it differently.

What I’m going to invite you to do is: Make a list of all your disappointments. Recreate them so that your needs were satisfied. So that your needs were met. So that you are absolutely not carrying one ounce of disappointment into this new year. And then what I want you to do is: I want you to set some pretty high visions — pretty high goals — for your life for this new year.

Because the reality is: We can choose to live the same year over and over and over again. There’s nothing wrong with that; but there’s nothing inherently creative about it, either! I know that if you’ve ever had that experience where you feel like you’re just going through the motions — it’s kind of like the movie, Groundhog’s Day. We’re just going through the same experiences over and over again. And what I want you to see today: As you release the disappointments of the past — really, truly release the disappointments of the past — your life gets great. It just gets great! You get to be blessed beyond your wildest dreams.

This new year is the promise of all love, all joy, all good, all possibilities. And are there going to be some bumps? Yes! There are going to be some bumps! But I know that the Spirit of God within you is greater than the bumps! That you can actually move through this time in greater ways than you ever have before! That we’re not limited by the past; that we’re actually here to overcome it.

So wherever you’ve been disappointed, write it down. Just write it down! “Well, Richard, I don’t want to look at it. I don’t want to look at it one more time.” So when we don’t look at it, then we just drag it into the future. We drag it into this present moment. Let go of your disappointments: all of them! Write them down. Write down every disappointment that you can remember. Write down everything that ever disappointed you about life: about yourself, about your finances, about your romances, about your work, about your family. Write it down and then visually — in your heart, in your mind and in your soul — transform it into the experience that you wanted to have. And then set some really fantastic goals for the year ahead.

This moment is so powerful. It just is! This moment has the potential to be anything! That we can create any reality! And as we do our inner work — our spiritual work — I invite you to really see that your life has an unlimited future. I am free! I am unlimited! Will you say that with me? “I am free! I am unlimited!” One more time: “I am free! I am unlimited!”

Let’s take that into prayer:
Today I want you to make a list. I do! I want you to make a list of every disappointment. And every disappointment we give to God. Every disappointment we transform, so that there is no residue of disappointment in your soul. That what you know is complete soul satisfaction. What you know is that every good thing — every blessing — is possible for you. And so that, when we look into the future — when we look into the year ahead — we get excited! That there’s a spirit of excitement and enthusiasm and expectancy! That we’re excited about the year ahead! We’re excited about what’s going to be. What’s going to happen — what’s going to happen next. Thank you, God, for all the ways that we’ve been blessed in the last year. Thank you, God, for all the blessings: too numerous to count. And thank you, God, for all the good that is coming in the year ahead. That I am open and receptive to all the good that God is. And so it is. Amen.


Alright. This is the time of giving of our gifts and tithes. I invite you to hold them in your hand. Even if you give electronically, I invite you to hold them in your hand. If you drop your check into the church in the mail — however you do it — I just want you to imagine holding your gift in your hand. And our offering blessing is: “Divine love, through me, blesses and multiplies all that I give, and all that I receive.” Divine love, through me, blesses and multiplies all that I give and all that I receive.” And so it is. Amen.



Alright! God bless you, friend! Have a fantastic 2021! I look forward to being with you next week! Next week I’m going to talk about being wildly blessed, so I look forward to seeing you. God bless you, friend! Have a great week!

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