Be a Magnet for Abundance

Wednesday, September 29, 2021
Featuring: Rev. Richard Rogers
Week #3 in a 5-Week Series, "Conscious Luck"

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Rev. Richard Rogers: Alright! So here we go tonight; you ready?

So how is it that you create abundance in your life? Anybody want to take a stab? That's a real question. Anybody want to take a stab at it? How is it that that you create abundance in your life? What do you need to create abundance in your life? That's a better question. What do you need to create abundance in your life? [Congregation shouts out answers] Acceptance. Good. Anybody else want to play? Confidence? Yes. What else? You've got to believe in it. Great! Love? What else? Create a space for it. Great! You guys have all been paying attention. I love this!

Okay, so you ready for this? The number one thing you need to create abundance in your life is abundance. [Congregation moans and laughs] Right? And I really want you to hear this, right? Because it's like, "Well, of course you need abundance." We don't really believe that! We believe that we can create something out of something that's not like that. Right? All abundance comes from abundance. Right? Even God couldn't create something unless God's nature was like that.

Does that make sense? That literally everything comes from itself. Have you ever heard the idea that birds of a feather flock together? Right? And this idea that like attracts like.

And one of the things, when it comes to abundance, is: We don't want it to be that way. We want to create abundance out of a sense of lack or scarcity. And we get upset that it doesn't work that way. We don't think it's right! We think the Universe is unfair! We believe that we should be able to create abundance out of a sense of lack or scarcity or need, because we pray to God, and we sound pathetic enough.

How many of you have ever prayed from your most pathetic place? Like, that you could sound so sad, so needy, so broken that the Infinite would take pity on your soul, and give you that which is unlike who you're being in that moment? Right? It doesn't work that way! Even Jesus said it doesn't work that way! Right? [Laughs] He said, "For everyone who has, more is given. And he will have abundance. But for him who has not, even that which he has will be taken away." That's Matthew 25. Luke 8:18: "I tell you that everyone who has, more will be given unto them. But for him who has not, even that which he has will be taken away."

Now, that doesn't seem right! Even my voice got excited about that one! [Congregation laughs] I'm going to start talking in tongues in a minute, right? [Congregation laughs] Right? That doesn't seem right! It should be that everything is equal. Right? That we should be: everything should be fair and equal and the same for everybody. But it's not the way it works! Even spiritually, it's not the way it works!

When we want greater abundance, where do we have to start? Within! Right? We actually have to actually have to create a greater experience of abundance within ourselves. That, when we're living, thinking, moving from a place of lack, it is very impossible to actually create a life of abundance, when abundance doesn't live within you.

Now, do we live in an abundant universe? Yes! Is God infinite? Yes!!! Right? So is our ability to access the Infinite equal for every one of us? Yes! Right? Does God provide more infinite blessings to one than the other? No! Our access point is exactly the same. But we actually have to make sure that our conduit, if you will, is abundant.

I create abundance in my life as I am willing to actually entertain the abundance within my own consciousness. Is that true? Is it true? So where we're going to go tonight is this idea that I've been playing with of the book, Conscious Luck. If you've never read any of Gay Hendricks' stuff; I think he's fabulous. One of my favorite books is The Big Leap, and I was walking through a book store, and I saw this book, Conscious Luck.

Now, some very spiritually-minded people have a hard time with that whole concept of luck. Because the concept of luck implies that some people are lucky and some people aren't lucky. Right? Or that it's kind of capricious; it's random: that sometimes you're lucky and sometimes you're not lucky. But his whole point is that, as we build a consciousness of God -- Spirit, the abundance -- then we become more and more lucky. And I would say more and more blessed.

So tonight what we're going to look at is creating a greater level of abundance through experiencing the Infinite that is all around us.

Now, if you want to experience greater abundance, the world says the way you do that is that you go have more. Right? That the way the world lives is: If I have enough, then I can do enough -- or I can do what I want to do -- and then I can actually be enough. Right? There's lots of people who believe that they're finally going to be enough when they finally have enough.

But what, from a spiritual point of view, what we teach is that everything comes out of being first. That who we're being on the inside creates our outer experience. So from a spiritual point of view, it's not having first, but being. Then when I'm being it, then I can do it. And then, as an outpicturing of that, then I have.

And for most of us, we have spent a lotta, lotta energy working on the having. Because we've been defined by what we have: by the car we drive, by the house we have, by our spouse, by whatever we believe, like, we have. And from a spiritual perspective, it's from the inside out.

So in Gay's book, our affirmation for this five-week series has been, "I am a very lucky person." Will you say that with me? [With congregation:] "I am a very lucky person." Let's say it like we actually mean it, right? [With congregation:] "I am a very lucky person."

One of my coaching clients said to me, "Richard, I feel like I'm living under a lucky star." And I ... that's what I want, right? That's what I want for each and every one of us. I want us to feel so blessed -- I want us to feel so just in the flow of life -- that life unfolds for you in the most wonderful, exciting, beautiful, powerful way. Right?

And, as we live that from the inside, we have to attract that. That, because life flows through us, not to us, really. It flows through us. So whoever I'm being on the inside is creating my experience all around me. So I'm a very lucky person.

Now, Gay went on and asked this question. He said, "What do I have within me that I can use to create a larger attracting field for luck?" Okay? Because we know that, if we're going to have abundance in the outer, we have to have abundance within the inner. Right? So then his question was, "What do I have within me? Where is my abundance within me?" Right? "Where is it that I'm feeling overflowing abundance within me?" Because he wanted to use that as a creative force to attract greater abundance around him. Alright?

So what he came up with is that he was going to use the pain within himself, because he felt like that was the most abundant thing he had. Now, I want you to hear that this is a radical idea, right? How many of you have been, through the course of your life, trying to get rid of your pain, right? Trying to suppress your pain, not feel your pain? Trying to avoid your pain, not acknowledge your pain? And what he says is that it felt like there was so much pain within him that he wanted to use that as a creative force, because pain is just another form of energy. Right?

So when we look at the forms of pain: there's disappointment, betrayal, heartbreak, grief, guilt, shame. Like, we all have our personal favorites, right? [Congregation laughs] And what he came to was the idea of using the shame that he had known as a child.

And I want you to see if you can really hear this tonight. Because I know that this is a different spin on the way you've reacted to your pain in the past. So instead of dismissing it ... Well, let me read his words.

"Perhaps you were raised, as I was, to harbor a great deal of shame inside you. Shame about your size, shame about your body, shame about what you did or what you didn't do, or the hurt you did to someone ... or about anything that you've done. Your shame may be hidden so deep inside of you that it's difficult to detect. Or you may be able to feel it consciously right away by just scanning your body, like with a microscope of your awareness. I feel shame as an old, lingering stain: an unpleasant warmth in my legs and hips. I also feel it as a clench somewhere deep in my center, as if I've swallowed something too big to go down, and yet too deep to come up.

"What's worse is I experience shame, not only for something I've done, but it's also something that's brought disgrace to my family. I have memories of a certain look on my mother and grandmother's faces: one that communicated more than disappointment. Their look told me that I'd caused shame to them; something that I had done had brought their unworthiness to the surface. Their look meant that I should be doubly ashamed: I'd done something wrong, and I caused them to reawaken their old feelings of inferiority.

“That feeling of shame piled up on top of shame was unbearable as a child. I had no choice but to conform myself to that way of being, so that feeling would go away and they would love me again. Still, a quick spark of awareness in me felt that something was wrong in the way they were seeing the world, and I wondered if I really was all that bad."

Now, do you know what the difference between guilt and shame is? Guilt is feeling bad about something you've done. Shame is feeling bad about who you are. You see the difference there? Like, we all make mistakes; we all bump, you know, and we sometimes feel bad about the things that we've done. But when we feel bad about the things that we've done, then we can make amends. We can ask for forgiveness. We can heal those relationships when we have guilt about the things that we've done. Right? When we have shame, we feel bad for being us. We feel bad about the way we show up.

And what he talks about is his own journey of discovering of what that was like for him. Right? Because one of the things that happens is that, when that shame -- when it feels so ever-present within us -- it actually gets in the way of everything else. Let me go to one more.

"I immediately recognized the parts that illumined; the parts in myself where I felt old shame as a child. This is what I used as an attracting factor for good luck. The nerve endings that were once dedicated to feeling shame could now be turned to a higher purpose: attracting abundant luck, wealth and happiness. I was filled with a deep satisfying wave of bliss as I felt the vast territory of my inner self being resonated with this new purpose. Waves of bliss -- inner sensation -- continued on and off for days thereafter, with this new purpose that lit up into larger and larger areas of myself." Right?

So our shame becomes toxic. This is Jessica Moore: "Our shame becomes toxic when we internalize the message from others that we don't deserve health and well being." Donna Trout said this: "The shame that tormented me was all the more corrosive by having no clear origin. I didn't know why I felt so tainted and worthless and wrong, only that I did.” Right?

Now, let me give this in a spiritual context. Because I really want to go deep enough that it really becomes transformative, right? How many of you have heard that you were created in the image and likeness of God? Right? So if that's true  -- that you're created in the image and likeness of God -- feeling bad about being you doesn't make sense. Like, if you're really created in the image and likeness of God, feeling bad that you were created in the image and likeness of God doesn't make sense!

But for most of us, we don't feel bad because we believe that we were created in the image and likeness of God. We believe that we're somehow profoundly broken; that we're "less than," that we're dirty, that we're ugly, that we're stupid. Whatever that we believe that we are. And as we believe that, we have a great deal of shame.

And all the while -- from a spiritual point of view -- we were created in the image and likeness of God. And as we begin to internalize this, we actually can use all our sense of brokenness -- all our sense of our pain -- as energy.

Because one of the things we've been talking about in this process is that God is the only thing in the universe that cannot be polluted. Right? That whatever you give to God is instantly purified, and comes back to you as grace. But when you're carrying years and years of shame about not believing you're enough, that energy has nowhere to go if you don't do anything with it. It just stays as shame, and actually blocks the flow of God into any area of your life.

And tonight the suggestion is: What if you took all that energy and you released it? Can you imagine that all that intense shame ... and sometimes it is buried so deep within us, we don't even want to feel it! But if we release all that energy, it actually creates a brand new reality.

When I was about 10 or 11, my grandfather said to me, "Big boys don't cry." Right? And, you know, lots of men have some more kind of stories; women have similar kind of stories. But, for me, that was a really ... That was a defining moment. Right? And it was this idea that I shouldn't be crying. Right? And my grandfather ... I mean, he was a powerful experience in my life. And he got right in my face and just told me the way it was. Like, that I had now reached the point where it no longer was acceptable for me to cry. Right?

But on the inside, I didn't think I'd really made that mark yet, right? On the inside, I was still sad. I was still upset. I still wanted to boo hoo, and boo hoo a lot right? And so, in the inside of me, instantly there was this valve that I shut off. Right? Because -- say it with me -- it wasn't okay for big boys to cry. Right? And I accepted that. Right?

And so every time I felt sad -- every time I felt like I wanted to cry -- there was a part of me that instantly went into shame. Because it wasn't okay for big boys to cry.

And the idea that I could actually give that shame -- that pain -- to God was a concept I never had, especially not as a child. It was only years later that I became aware that I didn't have to hold on to that shame one day more.

And so today, I'm going to invite you to check. And I want you to see: Is there any place in you where you're still holding shame about who you are? And would you be willing to release that? To give that to God as a way of activating a greater field of abundance within yourself? And I'm going to suggest to you: It really works. But you've got to be willing to do it!

How many of you, like ... If you look back at our core DNA -- as a people, as a tribe, as a village -- there was an underlying belief that, if we got left behind, we died. Does that make sense to you? That if you go back thousands of years -- even hundreds of years -- if you go back maybe even a hundred years ... If you didn't have the village around you, you died. If you couldn't keep up when the village was moving, you died. And so there was this underlying belief deep within our DNA that if we had something that was painful, we stuffed it and kept walking. And even though that's no longer our reality, many of us were raised by people who taught us to stuff our pain and just keep moving.

How many of you can, at some level, identify with people in your life that told you to just stuff the pain and keep moving. Right? That, for many of us, that was an underlying teaching that we heard over and over and over again.

So the idea for me to say tonight, "Well, that was all good for then.” Right? It made sense then. If you got left by your village, you would die. You would starve. You couldn't do it by yourself. You needed the consciousness of the village. But today that's not our reality. Our reality is that we actually get to search within ourselves, find the places where we're still holding on to pain, actually release it, and actually open up a greater experience of abundance so that the energy within us gets to flow again. Because flowing energy creates greater good. Stagnant energy dies. Flowing energy heals, restores, and allows us to move forward.

So tonight, would you be willing to play? Right? If you want to play, I want you to close your eyes. If you don't want to play, you can run out screaming right now. [Laughs with congregation] I don't want really want that, but just ... Just play.

So I want you just to close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths. And turn within your body. And begin to sense: Is there any place of shame within you? Is there any place within you that you still feel broken? That you feel "less than"? Is there any place within you that is still not right?

Take another deep breath, and just focus on that presence of shame within the various aspects of your body. Notice any tension, tingling or other sensations in your body. Most people don't go deep enough to really uncover the shame within themselves. Any troublesome feeling that you have or are willing to focus on and allow to exist can be transformed into an open space.

Now imagine that the place of shame within you -- whatever its size, no matter how big it feels -- and imagine it being filled with the pure, white light of God. Imagine God filling that area with pure white light, and that you can actually give God -- you can gather up all that shame, all that pain -- and literally give it to God. Imagine placing it in the infinite hands of God, and that it's replaced with pure, white light: crystal, golden, white light.

And in the space where you held that shame within your body, I want you to practice self-love. Because the opposite of shame is self-love. So in the places where you felt pain or upset or "less than" or broken, tonight I want you to give yourself self-love. Offer yourself the love that you've always wanted. Offer yourself the love that you needed in that moment. And feel the transformation happening within you: that you give the pain to God -- you give the shame to God. You're filled with pure, crystal white light. And then you become more and more self-loving. So instead of being ashamed of yourself, you're actually more loving to you. That you're learning to love yourself at depth. That there's no part of you that is unloved. Feel the pain; give it to God; it's replaced with pure love, pure light. And you practice unconditional love.

Feel the deep transformation that's happening within you. And that this is something you can do over and over and over again. That, any time you experience shame, you can give it to God; feel the white light of Spirit healing that area -- filling that area within you -- and you offer yourself unconditional love. That it creates a greater field of abundance. It creates a greater field of transformation, of possibilities, of healing, love, joy, peace. That we transform the inner pain into the glory of God.

So when you're ready, I want you to come back to this moment. How many of you could feel that? How many of you could feel a transformation happening within you? How many of you maybe were surprised that you had more shame within you that you recognized, or that you thought you had? Right?

So one of the things I want you to do is: This week that's your homework. 'Kay? Your homework this week is to spend some time transforming that deep inner shame: giving it to God; seeing white light fill it; and that you get so good so good at offering yourself self-love … unconditional self-love. That you love yourself in all the places in all the places where you needed love the most -- all the places that were missing love in your past -- until your inner life is just filled with love.

Now the second homework assignment I want for you -- and I'm going to use his words: "Starting today, I want you to declare a new day with new rules. The place where you used to feel shame is now open space to which luck and abundance can flow freely. You have the power to make up the new rules for your life, provided that those rules do not conflict with existing laws of the universe." Right?

So how many of you know that sometimes your belief system is a little weird? [Congregation laughs] Right? That sometimes we believe this, and we actually believe the opposite! Like, some beliefs we got from our friends in elementary school. Some beliefs we got from our parents. Some beliefs we got from somebody on TV or something. And sometimes our beliefs are a little conflicted.

Tonight I want you to write one new rule for your life that is going to organize this idea of you being a very lucky person. So I'm going to give you some ideas, right?

Possibility number one: I turn my pain into greater and greater luck. For how many of you that would be a brand new rule ... if you could turn your pain into greater and greater levels of luck or blessings or love or joy or abundance? For me, it would be a brand new rule.

My pain no longer defines me; I am a very lucky person.

I am created in the image and likeness of God; I have amazing luck.

I attract and enjoy wonderful luck; I am a very lucky person.

I turn all my pain into the abundance of God.

Okay? So I want you to write one new rule that will be the -- one of the organizing -- principles of your life. Right? That, as we release this field of energy within us -- this pain within us -- what I want you to see is that you are opening the door to the infinite goodness of God. But it can't hold it if your inner life has been corrupted with toxic pain. You just can't hold both!

And many of us have just tried to march through life pretending like it didn't hurt. And sometimes it really did hurt! And you can drag that pain into every new situation, or you can release it.

You know, how many of you could hold a hot pain for more than two minutes? Anybody? Right? So what I want you to see is that, physically, sometimes we're smarter than we are emotionally. That, physically, your body would never let you hold on to a hot pain for more than a split second. But, emotionally, we carry pain with us for years!

Tonight, what if you turned that old pain into every blessing that you've always wanted? Into every good thing? That, what if tonight, you transformed the pain of the past into your most abundant life?

See, as we transform, we open the door to the Infinite. Will you join with me in prayer?

And I invite you to open your mind, your heart, your soul to the activity of God that is within us and all around us. And tonight we open the space to be wildly blessed. We open the space to be very, very lucky. Wherever you've had pain -- wherever you've had shame, wherever you feel beat up or sad or wounded -- today we go there ... right there. We give it to God. We bring the pure white light of Spirit into our soul, and we get really good at unconditional love. We offer ourselves the unconditional love that we've always wanted. And we are absolutely set free. Thank you, God; thank you, God; thank you, God! And so it is. Amen.

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