Holy Moly -- Standing in Infinite Possibilities

Wednesday, January 5, 2022
Featuring: Rev. Richard Rogers

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Rev. Richard Rogers: Okay; so, are you ready? So first Wednesday of the New Year! We finished strong last year — last year. Last Wednesday you got your word for the year; you got your stone. And we talked about foundations. And it’s so important that, before I launch into today, that we relook on: what’s your foundational understanding of who you are, and your purpose in the world? Right? Because everything else is built on that. That, when we have kind of a sketchy foundation, nothing works well!

We had friends one time, and the contractor said, “Oh, sure; we can put a second story on your house. Your foundation will hold it.” And so they built this whole second story above the garage and stuff. And, within a few rainy seasons, everything started going wrong. Just wrong. Bad! Foundation cracks; stuff sliding; things no longer level. It was not good, right?

So, does your life work if you forget what your foundation is? I don’t think so! Right? And so I really want to begin this year by really discovering or expressing: what’s your foundation?

For me, one of my foundational beliefs is that I live in a field of infinite possibilities. Right? That I believe — even when I don’t believe — is that I live in a field of infinite possibilities. That is infinite good all around me. That, when I look up in the night sky, that I see infinite number — or uncountable number — of stars in galaxies too far for me to even see. When I go to the beach, I see grains of sand so numerous that I can’t count them. Or, when I go to the forest, I see trees upon trees upon trees. That we live in an infinite Universe!

And I’m going to invite you to really begin your year entertaining that fundamental idea: that we live in an infinite Universe. William Blake said this: “If the doors of perception were cleaned, everything would appear to man as it is — infinite.” Right?

And so what tonight is about is clearing the doors of our perception so that we can see the infinite goodness of God all around us. So we can see all the possibilities. We can see all the good. And it’s not enough just to believe in it; it’s not enough just to see it. But we also have to be able to translate that into our lives. Because, until we can bring it into the world of form – “on earth as it is in heaven” — until we can lay hold of the infinite reservoir of God’s good, and make it manifest in our life, we’re not truly fulfilling what I believe is our role in this world. Right?

Like, if all we had to do is come into this world and say, “Yup! I believe God’s infinite,” and not really demonstrate it in our lives, we’d be missing the opportunity. We’d be missing the blessing. Because our job — I believe, as spiritual beings — is to really lay hold of that infinite and make it real.

And I believe that that’s what Jesus did over and over again! He fed the multitude. He healed the sick. He restored the dead. He was able to reach in to that infinite reservoir of God’s good and then manifest it: to bring it into form. To make it real right before his eyes and the eyes of others.

And that’s what I want us to really look at tonight is: in what way do you want to manifest the infinite in your life this year? And even a greater question: how do you do that on a regular basis? Right? How do you manifest the infinite in tangible ways so that it inspires you to live greater and greater lives?

Because, if we just go through the motions of life, I’m afraid that we just tend to create the same things over and over and over again that isn’t always very inspiring. Like, if you literally live the same year over and over and over again, until the point where even you’re bored with your own life … right?

There’s got to be a point where we get intentional; where we get conscious; when we wake up and we ask ourselves, “What is it that I truly want to manifest? What is it that I truly want to create?” Because I believe, as a spiritual being, life is constantly asking you the question: what do you want to create now?

Over and over again, the way it was designed is that we are infinite sea otters. [Congregation laughs] Right? And that our only job is to play in the Universe. And, as long as we have our foundation in place, the Universe doesn’t care how much we create; how much we experience; how blessed we are. It’s really simply for our own enjoyment! And if you’re not enjoying your life to its fullest, I’m going to invite you to pay attention tonight, and really see how you could access more good — more God — than ever before.

And the way that I believe, for many of us, that we are called to do it — that is often misused — is through goals. And I believe that oftentimes, when we set goals, our ego steps in and says, “This is what I want.” And this year, I’m going to invite you to set a big, fat, hairy spiritual goal that is so big that you can only do it with God. That really puts your beliefs to the test. That challenges you to believe in that much. To really move beyond your ego to really being completely dependent on God to move to that next level of your life.

So in 2019, I made a commitment to myself that, every year, I would set a big, fat, hairy goal that I could not do on my own. And for the past — several years before that — the real focus of my life with my wife was just, with all that she’s going through, was just keeping her alive. Right? Just keeping her moving. But in 2019 I realized that, for me to be my happiest camper, I needed to have a spiritual project that seemed almost unattainable. And to really see if I still had “the juice.” Right? To really see if I could still create at the level that I had years before. Right?

So I began this idea that, every year, I get one big, fat, hairy, juicy, fabulous goal that I 100% need God to do. So in 2019, my goal — if you were paying attention — was to lose 100 pounds. And that looked impossible! Like, I could lose 10 pounds in a meal, or in a week or in a weekend. [Congregation laughs] Right? But then it’d be back. And it just looked unattainable.

And when I made a goal to lose 100 pounds, it looked like it was goal-setting suicide. [Congregation laughs] Because there was no way! Right? My ego had tried this! Like, I did not … I knew I couldn’t do it, because I … Ai yi yi! I tried, right?

2019 lots and lots of things happened. And in the middle of the year, something shifted for me. And within eight months, dropped 100 pounds. Did I have help? Oh, yeah! Right? Did I still … Did I reach my goal in that year? No. It was actually January before I got to the full 100 pounds. But in 2019 I dropped a hundred pounds. And I was feeling good. Right? I was feeling good! Like, I knew that that power that I had, like, been just kind of for a couple of years just going through the motions — that power was still available to me. That I could still create. That I could still manifest at a very high level. When I got clear about that, it opened the door.

So the next year, Jill and I were talking about, “So what are we doing this year?” And I set a money goal for us — for me — that was so big. And I usually don’t talk about money in church, because it’s weird when ministers talk about their own money … I set a money goal that was so big that my wife tried to talk me out of it. It was a stupid money goal that was so big. And to make it even more, I not only wanted to make that number, but I wanted to put that much money in savings. Right?

Because, I don’t know about you, but sometimes when the money’s flowing, have you ever noticed that sometimes the spending kind of gets a little, you know, like “Woo hoo!”? Like, “Roll those 7’s; let’s play!” [Congregation laughs] Right?

But I made a goal that was bigger than I’d ever made before financially. And my commitment to me in 2020 was that I wanted to make sure that that number got all the way to savings. That means that I had to make enough that I could tithe on it and still pay taxes, and still get to my number. Right? Because that’s part of my deal is: the first tenth goes to God, and then the government gets everything they think they need. [Congregation and Rev. Rogers laugh] Right? And then the rest of it I wanted to actually get all the way down into more.

And Jill said, “There’s been years … That goal is bigger than years that we have … That was our whole income goal for years.” And I said, “I know, and I want it to get to the bottom line.” And she goes … you know, because she loves me. She said, “Well, why don’t we take three years to get there?” I said, “Nope. I’m going to do it in one year.” She said … [Laughs] You know the look your wife gives you when she thinks you’re cute and insane, both at the same moment, you know? [Congregation laughs]

And I said, “No, we’re going to get to it. We’re going to do it. I don’t know how we’re going to do it. But I believe that God is infinite, and we’re going to do it. And I can feel it in every cell of my body. We’re going to get there.” And it was like … And she said, “And your son’s getting married that year. You know that, right? So that’s going to … There’s an expense with that.” And I said, “I know. I don’t know how, but I know we’re going to get there.”

And then the pandemic started in March. And she said, “Do you want to bail on this goal?” And I said, “Nope! Like, God is bigger than a pandemic. We’re going to get there.” And boom! We were there by mid-October. Like, that was … that was huge, right?

Last year my big, fat, hairy goal was to take a month off and really take a … We hadn’t been on a real vacation together because of what was going on for Jill. Took a month off. Drove all the way to Michigan so we could see her family and see her mom and dad. And hang out in the house that she grew up in again. And sleep in her little three-inch bed. [Congregation laughs] You know. And that was really important! So I took a month off. I didn’t speak. I didn’t do any coaching. And it was our big goal. And it worked; we got there. Everything worked.

And so here’s what I’m asking of you today. Because, you know, I do ask of you … I know that, when you show up to church here, it’s not just to be entertained. Right? It’s not even to be taught. There’s an ask that I have for you to do your work in a bigger way than sometimes we want to. Right?

So here’s my ask; here’s your homework. I want you to be uncomfortable with the infinite. I want you to have a goal for you for this year that maybe is your heart’s desire. Maybe it’s the thing you’ve always wanted. Maybe it’s the thing you’ve longed for. I want you to have a goal this year that is so big you can’t get to it without God. And I want you to play in this field of infinite possibility.

And I don’t care if it’s a healing. I don’t care if it’s a relationship. I don’t care if it’s financial. I don’t care if it’s a trip that you want to take. I want a spiritual goal that demands that you practice an experience of God where you put God to the test. Where you learn how to tap in to that infinite reservoir of God’s good and manifest it squarely in your life. Right? This isn’t about your ego, about the … la la la. This is about you practicing spiritual principles, and making them manifest and work on your behalf for the highest level of good.

So I want one big, fat, hairy, delicious, fabulous goal for your life. That you 100% need God to do. It can be anything! It can … I just want it to be the most fun! I want it to be the thing that your soul wants the most.

So now the question is: so when you have that goal, what do you do?

Well, the first thing that I want you to do is to really: to see it. I want you to VISUALIZE THE FULFILLMENT OF THAT GOAL multiple times every day. If you can’t see it, you can’t be it. Does that make sense to everybody? If you can’t visualize that fulfillment; if you can’t visualize that outcome; if you can’t see that much good; if you can’t see yourself in that relationship; if you can’t see yourself healed … it’s very hard to experience it in your life. Because when you can see it … And, over and over again, Jesus talked about lifting your eyes to a higher level of life.

I want you to practice daily seeing yourself fulfilling that by the end of the year. By the end of the year! Whatever it is; no matter how big it is! What I want you to practice is seeing the infinite manifesting in you, through you, as you this year. And to do it over and over again every day. See it! You have to see it if you’re going to be it. If you can’t see it, it just sends weird energy out into the Universe.

So the first thing I want you to do every day — literally, every day — is see yourself fulfilling that goal.

The second thing I want you to do every day is to FEEL WHAT IT’S GOING TO BE LIKE WHEN YOU FULFILL THAT GOAL. When that goal is fully manifest. Not only do I want you to be able to see it from your intellect, or see it with your spiritual eye, but I want you to feel how good it feels to live that new reality. To see that goal attained, and then how — at an emotional level — what’s your reaction to that.

I want you to feel it. I want you to feel what it’s like in that situation. Or I want you to feel yourself getting on the plane and taking that trip. I want you to feel yourself in that relationships: person’s arms around you. Whatever it is! I want you to feel what it feels like to know that you’re totally healed.

I want you to see it but, more importantly, I want you to feel it on a daily basis. Because what we see and what we feel becomes reality. And there’s no limit to what you get to see and feel every day! You get to feel so good. You know, if you’re working on a job, I want you to feel yourself walking into that office, or walking into that thing. Or, if you’re starting a business, I want you to feel what it feels like when you talk to someone about your business. And feel your own level of success.

See that desire being fully made manifest.  See it, but then feel it. Because when you link those two together, heaven and earth begin to move.

So the first thing I want you to is see it to be it. Second thing I want you to do is to feel it. And the third thing I want you to do is WANT IT WITHOUT NEEDING IT.

And what I mean by that is: I want you … Your soul has the ability to reach out and grab anything, and bring it to you. But when we need it, what happens is: we’re actually creating higher level of need. Now, it’s okay to want it. Because I want you to hold it lightly. I want you to allow the flow and the energy. I just don’t want you to have to need it.

I want you to want it. I want you to want it every day. But I want you … not need it. I don’t want you to need it for your self-esteem. I don’t want you to need it for your ego. I don’t want you to need it … but I want you to want it. I want you to want the idea of it. I want you to want the feeling of it. But it could come or go! Because the more you can just hold it lightly, the more you can allow Spirit to do it the way Spirit’s going to do it.

Because your mind thinks you know how to get there. And it’s not going to happen that way. It never happens that way! It literally never happens the way you think it’s going to happen. That, when you want something — but you don’t need it — then you’re free! Like, you’re just free! “I want this reality; I really want this reality, but I don’t need it. I’m a fully grown man; I can do with or without it. But would it be more fun to have it? Yes!!!!!” [Congregation laughs] Right? Yes!!!! Right? So can you feel the difference? When you have to need something, then it gets just Grinchy and ugly and broken and sad. And grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Alright. The fourth thing: I want you to EXAMINE YOUR COMMITMENT. And how do you do that? Well, if you’re not feeling it and seeing it daily, you are not fully committed! Like, there’s lots of things, you know … Have you ever gotten those lists where they want you to write 10 goals? And you write 10 goals, and then you put it in a file, and you never see it again? What I want you to see is: that’s a low level of commitment.

When we have a high level of commitment — when we really want something; when it’s fun for us … When we have a high level of commitment, we’re about creating it every day. And it’s fun for us! It’s not a job; it’s fun for us to see it, to feel it. We love it! We’re excited! We’re in it! We’re playing the game.

So I want you to examine your level of commitment. Because if you’re going weeks without really even visualizing it or feeling it, you don’t have a high level of commitment. And if you’re going to play in this realm of infinite possibilities, it’s going to take a commitment. You’re going to have to decide that it’s really possible; that you can really believe in that so much. That you can actually go for that much.

And the fifth thing I want you to do is: this is where prayer comes in. I want you to ASK EVERY DAY: WHAT CAN I DO TODAY TO MAKE THAT A REALITY? What action can I take today?

How many of you have ever prayed to win the lottery? Anybody? How’d you do with that? [Congregation laughs] Right? So what I want you to see is that, for most of us, when we use prayer as an … It’s not very effective. But when we get really clear about what we want — when we can feel it, when we can see it, when we’re committed to it, when we’re taking action every day — then when we pray, the prayer is actually moving us in a direction for the realization of our highest desire. But when we’re praying, and we just want God to drop it in our lap, I don’t know how that works.

What really works is when you’re committed — all the way committed — and you ask God to guide you and direct you and reveal the way. Then the Universe begins to use you — begins to say, “Turn here.” Or, “Call this person.” Or, “Go talk to them.” Or, “Do this” or “Do that.” And you feel like you’re in the flow of the Divine.

And this is where I want you to be praying. Every day: “God, show me how to create this. Help me believe in that much. Help me believe that I can realize this goal this year.”

Now, for some of you — as I share this — it’s going to get you really excited. Because you’re ready to take dominion and mastery over your life. Some of you are going to hear what I say, and it’s going to be, “Gosh, that was so cute. [Congregation laughs] Right? “He’s such a big goofball, you know?” [Congregation laughs] Right? “Like, you just want to pinch his cheeks and send him home … and he’s just a big goofball.” Right?

And it’s okay with you however you experience me. But the promise is — and I guarantee you that this is what I 100% believe — is that: if you make a big goal, and you do the inner work, there’s a level of life that you can’t even imagine today. But you have to have the willingness to move out of the life you know now and to move into that possibility. To see it; to feel it; to want it; to be committed; and then to ask God to guide you. That literally all things are possible!

So do you have a goal? And you don’t even have to have it tonight. But if you have a goal, I want it to become a priority in your spiritual life this year. I want that goal to be so important to you that you’re willing to fail boldly in the pursuit of this goal. That you’re really willing to put God to the test and see if you can manifest a level of life that you’ve never known before.

Will you pray with me?

I invite you to open your mind, your heart, your soul to the activity of God that is right here, right now. And I want you just to begin to play in the infinite. To play in this infinite field of possibilities. To see the good that God is. And to know right where you are, there is so much good. There is so much God!

Thank you, God, for an infinite Universe. Thank you, God, that every one of my dreams can be realized. That I can live in a world where magic still exists. Where possibilities can be made manifest. Thank you, God, for the highest level of good. In the name and through the power of the Living Christ, we give thanks. And so it is. Amen.

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