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Unity of Phoenix is committed to reaching out in prayer, comfort and support to our congregation. As our ministry continues to grow, our Prayer Chaplains are invaluable in helping to meet the pastoral care needs of our spiritual family. We invite you to prayerfully consider stepping into this powerful area of service! Completing Prayer Chaplain training and serving as a Prayer Chaplain is soul work that will change your life. It is a unique service that differs from many of our other volunteer opportunities in terms of the commitment and responsibilities required.

This is one of the most rewarding experiences you will ever have. Many of our Prayer Chaplains report that they stepped into serve others, but found that being a Prayer Chaplain blessed and benefited themselves most of all! It’s a role that will help you discover your greatness and the greatness of others … and you’ll have all the love and support you need to take this next step of your spiritual journey. For more information, email Rev. Jimmie Scott our Pastoral Care Minister.

What Is a Prayer Chaplain?

The role of our Prayer Chaplains is, quite simply, to pray. Chaplains are not counselors or advice-givers. The core of the Prayer Chaplain commitment is to:

  • Hold spiritual space
  • Lovingly listen
  • Pray from the heart
  • Hold in confidence what is shared
How does serving as a Unity Prayer Chaplain differ from a Chaplain in a hospital or care facility?

Unlike hospital chaplains, Unity of Phoenix Prayer Chaplains are not ordained and do not counsel people. Prayer Chaplains are trained to do only three things: hold spiritual space, listen and pray.

Prayer Chaplains are not trained to “minister” to the community at large, but are fully prepared as a lay resource to help meet the pastoral care needs within our own Unity community.

What is the time commitment?

Serving as a Prayer Chaplain is a service opportunity for those members who are truly looking to take the next step in the development of their spiritual maturity, and are willing to make a high level of commitment in their spiritual growth. Prayer Chaplains must make a one-year commitment to fulfill their responsibilities, which include:

  • Be available for one-on-one prayer with congregants after four worship services each month.
  • Complete one hour each month of proactive “wellness calls” to congregants, asking if there is anything they wish to pray about, and inviting them into prayer. (These calls must be completed on church grounds.)
  • Attend a two-hour Prayer Chaplain meeting each month.
  • Complete the training, which occurs both offsite and on church grounds.
What if I’ve never done anything like this before?

No prior experience in prayer or praying with others is required to serve as a Prayer Chaplain. The only requirement is that you be an active Unity of Phoenix member and that you have a willing heart to deepen your spiritual path through prayer and service, and to reach out to others in prayer.

Unity of Phoenix offers a number of classes that can help prepare you for this next step in your spiritual journey.


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